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Being Unthinkable...

The project merges information processing with ideas of augmented curiosity and bodily communication systems, via a robotic sculpture based on artificial intelligence. In collaboration with IBM Sweden and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.


Manufacturing Heroes

Manufacturing Heroes is multipart social art project in, designed through a process of dialogic aesthetics, which meant that the concrete design and process of the project was developed in synergy with its participants.

whosyourherokalmar_image hero.jpg

Who's Your Hero?

Who's your hero? consists of three cinematic idol portraits that reflect fictions and projections with which a young person begins his life, where early, simplifying tropes of life, death and courage are transferred between three widely different characters. The work balances the transfer of value between hero fiction and ideological reality.



The Imago project builds neurospatial situations for value-based cultural differences. It stages situations through experiments with forms of communication between ideological antagonists, based on a version of Imago Relationship Therapy also know as "love therapy".


I Wish You Could See From My Perspective /

You Wish I Could See From Your Perspective 

Through a collective process of painting, the cognitive residue of performative imago therapy sessions is carved onto a 2D object, but displayed as a three-dimensional sculpture. The mirroring function of interpreting a painting is pierced through the canvas and wood frame from the mirroring methods of the therapeutic session.


Buying the Museum

On behalf of, DiPisaStasinski imagined and outlined a hostile artistic takeover, at the Migros Museum in Switzerland, based on the socio-economic rules of the artworld, both explicit and tacit.

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