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Imago aims to build spatial situations for cultural estrangements through therapy experiments and alternative forms of communication. The opposition conversation seeks a new form beyond the classic, polemical debate format where rhetoric is often polarized and becomes a medium beyond reconciliation and instead its own closed system.

This work was accompanied by a therapist in Imago dialogue therapy - a form of conversation that uses methods such as validation and reflection, in order to verbalize and raise awareness of what is being said on both sides. 

In this video, Jenny Sonesson, formerly active in Liberal Women, at the time a Lead Writer at Dagens Samhälle and Göteborgsposten and Malin Schelin, Information Manager at Yes to Life are guided through a valley of emotions and communicative pathways. The conversation was based on the legal and moral laws of abortion and was led by Håkan Matsson, interview therapist and expert in Imago dialogue.


Video still (2015) Foto: DiPisaStasinski

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