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Based on probes in propaganda, PR and Soft Power as vehicles of expression, the project explored the capitalist dynamic that would re-empower the role of the artists within the financial art system.

On behalf of, initiated by Katja Aglert and Janna Holmstedt, Alessandra Di Pisa was asked to participate in a newly produced work of art. Di Pisa, in turn, gave the curator and art critic Robert Stasinski the assignment to write a text about a (possibly non-existent) work of art attributable to Di Pisa as the author. Stasinski's text is the core of the work Buying the Museum, about a work of art based on the tradition of institutional criticism, where the artist acts as a kind of infiltrator of existing power bodies in the art and culture world.

We imagined a hostile artistic takeover at the Migros Museum in Switzerland, based on the socio-economic rules of the artworld, both explicit and tacit.


The process of creating Buying the Museum became the starting point for their joint collaborative artistic practice as DiPisaStasinski.

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